Company Profile – Derek Media

Company Name: Derek Media


Date Founded: August 2009

Company Description: Derek Media aims in connecting your business and your community, building an interactive brand presence in today’s digital world, helping companies manage their brands online through various social networks.

Industry: Technology

Their Passion:

Helping your business navigate this shift and develop an online presence through social media channels.

Company Profile – Tatango

Company Name: Tatango


Date Founded: October 2007 (Named Tatango in late 2008)

Company Description: Tatango is a U.S. mobile group communication service that allows users to send messages to a group of people through SMS and voice messaging.

Industry: Technology

Background Information:

Originally called NetworkText, During his time at the university of Houston derek started the company from his parent’s basement in October 2007.

Johnson moved back to Bellingham and quit college and founded the company with matt pelo who has since left the company, the company was later renamed to Tatango.

The site which allows user to send messages via text reaching thousands of people at once, although it was initially built for different fraternities to help improve communication , it has now grown to over 250,000 users and has had over 25 million text messages sent through its platform.

Advertisements attached to the bottom of messages allow the service to be free to any member and group leader. In November 2008, Tatango started a service where for a fee a user can send ad-free messages as well as have access to additional features.

Their Mission:

To help you connect with your group through SMS, the most rapidly growing communication platform today.